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Drummer, Percussionist and Producer Gregor Hilbe has created a catalogue of productions in many different aesthetic and ethnic contexts over years of shaping a personal musical language.

Growing up in a cosmopolitan, jazzophile family, his early fascination for the sounds of Miles Davis, Weather Report and the sounds of the 80ies brought him to share a bandroom with his brother and his friends. There, 11 years old, he fell in love with the Minimoog: Electronics became his second instrument.

Taking lessons with Jojo Mayer at 16 and following his footsteps as drummer of the Vienna Art Orchestra went along with countless freelance activities including performances with Artists Mark Murphy, Theo Bleckman, Nguyen Lê, Nils Petter Molvaer, Sheila Jordan, Andy Bey, Dave Liebman, Kurt Elling, Joe Lovano, Art Farmer, Bob Mintzer, Joseph Bowie, Monica Zetterlund, Sebastian Studnitzky, Jorge Rossy, Guillermo Klein, Michelle Hendricks etc.


Establishing “Tribal Poetry” (tribal drums & electronica) with the ToySun Collective during the 90ies in Paris, he shared the profound experience of meeting Tony Allen, being labelmates on Comet Records. Further collaborations were “Avril” with Laurent Garnier’s Label F-Comm followed by extensive touring (Glastonbury, Montreux, Dour etc.).


By creating and producing many projects in the electro-acoustic realm, a very personal musical language has appeared that unites the directness and corporality of repetitive rhythms and the sensuality of electronic aesthetics.


The cosmopolitan history of the family and the 20 years spent in Paris, London & Berlin have shaped a sound, that connects the zeitgeist with ethnic influences.



2012 - 2016 : OLOID Christian Zehnder/Gregor Hilbe and ENDERS DOME with Nils Petter Molvaer and Johannes Enders

Concerts with Henning Sieverts, Lisette Spinnler, Adrian Mears, Baenz Oester, Hans Feigenwinter, Jorge Rossy, Guillermo Klein u. v. a.

Recordings with Sebastian Studnitzky, Sebastian Gille, Manu Mayr (Kompost3), Nguyen Lê, Theo Bleckman, Gianluca Petrella a. m. m.

2011 und 2012: works in Austria as producer and drummer with the JazzBigBandGraz “Urban Folktales” (ACT Records) and KAHIBA with Heinrich Von Kalnein and Christian Bakanic (Intuition Records). Enders Room with Johannes Enders, Micha Acher (The Notwist).


2010 Homebase Berlin: Working year with the projects Rhythming und BOWW.


2003-2009 With "TangoCrash" (Buenos Aires/Berlin) 4 CD productions (Deutscher Schallplattenpreis & Worldmusic Prize Germany 2006); BOWW Tribal Poetry receives wide recognition by the press; Project Akuanosti in Lyon and member of "Kaspar Ewald's Exorbitantes Kabinett"


2001-2003 Homebase in London: Project Avril (Label F-Comm, Laurent Garnier, Galliano etc.) and collaborations with Kevin Davy (Adam F, Lamb etc.), Tim Philbert (Goldie) and many more...

1996-2002 Foundation of the Paris-based collective "ToySun" with the Label Comet Records (Tony Allen) and launch of the trio "République Electrique" in Vienna.

1991-2000 Homebase in Paris: numerous performances and productions with Mark Murphy, the Vienna Art Orchestra (1996-1998), Dave Liebman, Kurt Elling, Joe Lovano, Art Farmer, Bob Mintzer, Andy Bey, Joseph Bowie, Sheila Jordan, Monica Zetterlund, Michelle Hendricks and many more...

1987-1991 Studies at the University of Arts Graz in Austria: Diploma MA Performance  Summa cum laude and the austrian prize of the Ministery of Education & Research in Vienna. First Performances with Apple Laptops on stage with the project TimeSquare (with electronic pioneer Uli Rennert (Frankfurt/Graz)).


• 2018 – Launch of BOOMLESS 

• 2017 – Concert at the Berliner Philharmonie with OLOID : Trio Zehnder / Hilbe / Loibner  meet Schaerer/Rom/Eberle

• 2015 – OLOID : Trio Zehnder / Hilbe / Loibner meet the AKA Pygmy Tribe “Ndima” from the

Congolese Rainforest (SRF Production Alpentöne; ORF Production Donau-Festival)

• 2014 – Tour with Nils Petter Molvaer and Johannes Enders

• 2013 – OLOID : Duo Christian Zehnder / Gregor Hilbe Release on Traumton Records

• 2013 – Bolivia and Peru-Tour with the Vein-Trio

• 2012 – Jazz meets Philharmonic Production with JAZZ BIGBAND GRAZ featuring Wolfgang

Puschnig @ Musikverein Wien, Goldener Saal

• 2012 – Russia Tour w. Kaspar Ewald’s Exorbitantes Kabinett

• 2011 – Opening the Jazzfest Berlin: ACT Production “Urban Folktales” JAZZ BIGBAND GRAZ

• 2010 - Release of BOWW tribal poetry: The Tree mit BOWW Kevin Davy (UK/Jam), Martin

Iannaccone (Arg), Uli Rennert (Aut), Volker Böhm (De)

• 2010 - Release of KAHIBA Global Dialects (Intuition Records)

• 2010 - Launch of the digital Label “RHYTHMING“

• 2009 - US Tour in 18 Cities in Trio with Juana Molina and Martin Iannaccone with Domino


• 2008 - TANGOCRASH receives “Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik”

• 2008 - AKUANOSTI: Residence in the Sahara Desert with the traditional Ensemble “Diwen

de Biskra”

• 2006 - Korea Tour with the traditional Mastermusicians and Shamans

• 2005 - World Music Award in Germany for the production of TANGOCRASH “Otra Sanata”

• 2005 – Argentina-Tour with TangoCrash: Release of “Otra Sanata”

• 2004 - UK and Europe Tour with Avril: Montreux opening w. Air, Eurockeennes, Melt etc.

- “Tangocrash” (Buenos Aires/Berlin) as Co-Producer on the Spanish-German label


• 2003 -Europe Tour with Avril: Awarded with the Prix Constantin in Paris

• 2002 -Europe Tour with Avril: Glastonbury, Dour, IRCAM Resonances etc.

-Launch of “Avril” (Paris) on Laurent Garnier’s label F-Com

• 2000 -Opening of the “House of Music”-Collective in London

• 1999 -Europe and Syria Tour with République (ORF Wien, Saalfelden, Damascus, Aleppo


• 1999 -Nice Festival Blue Note Night with Kurt Elling

• 1999 -Foundation of the Web-Company with Laurent Thion in Paris

• 1998 -Japan Tour w. Toy Sun and Comet Records

-Foundation of the Vienna-based “République” with the Vienna Klangforum-

Members Preinfalk, Polisoidis and Bassists John Silverman (Seattle) Per Mathison


• 1998 - Composing the Fireworks-Music with Mathias Rüegg for the opening of the KKL


• 1997 - Europe Tour w. Toy Sun

• 1997 -“Echoes from Europe” Tour w. the Vienna Art Orchestra

• 1997 -“20th Anniversary” Tour w. the Vienna Art Orchestra

- Development of the Collective Toy Sun (Paris/Seattle) with Marc Chalosse, DJ

Nem, John Silverman, Steve Arguelles, Benoit Delbecq on Comet Records

• 1996 -“Nine Immortal Evergreens by Eric Dolphy” with the Vienna Art Orchestra

• 1996 -Performance for the Royal Family of Marocco

• 1996 -Award at the Concours National Defense in Paris

• 1995 -Touring France with Mark Murphy and Sheila Jordan (opening f. Ray Charles, Pauillac)

• 1995 -Award at the Concours de Vienne (France) with the Upper Space Group (Edouard

Ferlet, Gary Brunton, Lars Lindvall, Simon Spang-Hanssen, Mathieu Michel etc.)

• 1994 -Brasil Tour w. Duvida (w. John Silverman)

• 1994 –Uli Rennert’s Timesquare with Dave Liebman, Bob Mintzer

• 1993 -JVC Festival Den Haag with Joseph Bowie (Defunkt)

• 1992 -Postgraduate-Scholarship of the Government of Liechtenstein in Paris

• 1991 -Touring and recording w. Timesquare (first laptops on stage), Tangavan (Tango

Nuevo ensemble), Brave New Slaves (Worldfunk), Jazz Via Brasil

• 1991 -Diploma Cum Laude an der Kunstuniversität Graz, Austria

• 1991 -Award of the Ministery of Culture in Vienna (Bundespreis)

• 1990 -Award at the Austrian Jazzcontest and Finalist at the Europ´Jazz Contest Bruxelles

• 1989 -Scholarship for the Berklee College of Music

• 1989 -Performance for the Ministery of Culture (Vienna/Aut)



Performances in Korea, Brasilien, Japan, Sahara (Algeria/Mali), Argentina, USA, Canada, Syria, Morocco, Peru, Bolivia, Russia and Europe have deepened Gregor Hilbe's constant passion for rhythm cultures.

- Concerts with the Korean Samul Nori Master Musicians Kim Duk-Soo, Heo

Yoon Jeong, Won Il, Kim Moueng-Gwang, Kim Woon-Suk, Suk Yi-Ki, Seol Hee-Soo, Park


- Afro-Bloco Muzenza in Salvador da Bahia, Brasil

- Residence in the Sahara with the traditional Ensemble “Diwen de Biskra”, Akuanosti and

Camel Zekri

- Afro-American Candombe Tradition from Uruguay with Lobo Nuñez and Martin Iannaccone

- Production with the Mongolian Musician Enkh Jarghal

- OLOID : Trio Zehnder / Hilbe / Loibner meet the AKA Pygmy Tribe “Ndima” from the Congolese

Rainforest (SRF Production Alpentöne; ORF Production Donau-Festival)



• 2018: KAHIBA: The Neuroscience of Music (Natango)

• 2018: Boomless: Video Series 

• 2017: This Is Pan: The Hudson Suite (ANUK Label)  

• 2015: Jazz BigBand Graz : True Stories (Natango)

• 2015: Pepe Auer : Songs I Like (Sessionwork Records)

• 2014: KAHIBA: The Sixth Sense (Deutschlandfunk Cologne/Natango)

• 2013: OLOID christian zehnder / gregor hilbe (Traumton Records)

• 2012: Tango Crash: Accidente de Tango (Galileo Records)

• 2012: Jazz BigBand Graz : Urban Folktales (ACT Records)

• 2011: KAHIBA: Orbital Spaces (Natango)

• 2009: BOWW : Tribal Poetry: The Tree (Rhythming)

• 2009: Kaspar Ewald’s Exorbitantes Kabinett: Ritter (Altri Suoni)

• 2008: Jazz BigBand Graz : Electric Poetry & Lofi Cookies (Intuition)

• 2008: Tangocrash : Baila Querida (Galileo Records)

• 2007: Akuanosti: w. Camel Zekri, Gilles Laval, Giaco Spica (VMC)

• 2007: Songlines w. Heinrich von Kalnein (The Montreux Jazz Label)

• 2007: Marc Collin: Nouvelle Vague Paris (The Perfect Kiss)

• 2005: Tangocrash: Otra Sanata (Galileo Records)

• 2005: Treephones 5 Rhythms (Rhythming)

• 2004: BOWW: Nu Cross

• 2004: Tangocrash: Remixes (Galileo)

• 2004: Toysun: Resound to Sender (Comet Records)

• 2003: Avril: Members Only (F-Communications)

• 2002: down2thebutton: electro.human (Rhythming)

• 2001: Toysun: Nu Planet Remixes (Comet Records)

• 2000: République Electrique: Jupiter Comes & Goes (Rhythming)

• 1999: Toysun: Relax and have a K (Comet Records)

• 1998: Vienna Art Orchestra: American Rhapsody (BMG Classics)

• 1998: République Electrique: Live in Vienna

• 1997: timeSQUARE feat. Bob Mintzer&Dave Liebman: Homepage, (X-Tra Platte)

• 1997: Edouard Ferlet : Escale (Quoi de Neuf)

• 1996: Mary Reidy: The Sky & Stars Album, Renee Gely

• 1994: Upper Space Group: Entrepot Logis

• 1993: timeSQUARE: Tell Me Something Good (X-Tra Platte)

• 1991: Uli Rennert 4: What u give, Wanton Heed feat. Lee Harper & Renato Chicco

• 1989: The Brave New Slaves (feat. William Boyd): Breakloose, Jazz Via Brasil

• 1988: Tangavan: Tango Nuevo

• 1988: Deviana: Out Of Nowhere, Ya´zee: Basel Collection (Band Contest Winner)

• 1986: Ya’zee: First Step, Pat Bigband: Swing C.T.

TV: Brasil: TV Cultura, Globo, Holland (VAO), Switzerland, Austria ORF1/2 (VAO), Germany:

ZDF/BR 3: Bio’s Bahnhof, RTL , Czech Republic TV, Switzerland: DRS Music Night 1985,

SSR/TV 5: Sortie Libre France: MCM (Avril), France 3 (Mark Murphy), Arte (Avril), TF 1, France

3, Argentina: Music Channel, Canada (VAO)

Radio: France Culture & France Musique: regularly appearing with different projects, Radioshows

in Brasil, Austria, Italy, Germany, Switzerland: DRS 3 (Fireworks-music for the opening of

the new Festival-Building Lucerne) DRS 2, Sounddesign for: Fuji, l’Oreal, Mobalpa, Saint Gobain,

DRS 3, DRS 2 etc.

Choice of Festivals: São Paulo, Toronto, JVC Paris, JVC Den Haag, 5 Days Off Amsterdam, 10

Days Off Belgium Damascus, Aleppo, Glastonbury, Montreal, Montreux (Strawinsky Hall 1997

and Miles Davis Hall in 2004), Vancouver, Marseille, Zürich, Praha, Vienna, Berlin, Yokohama,

Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, 3elephants, World Festival Rudolstadt, Queen Elizabeth Hall London,

Manchester, Birmingham, Roma, Cagliari, Biennale de Lyon, Bordeaux, Hamburg (NDR), Köln,

Dour, “Melt” Berlin, Off Beat Basel .etc


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